Bob Paroski is a Business to Business copywriter and marketing consultant. He has one overall consuming objective. That is to help the businesses he works with generate all the sales they know they can through their marketing efforts.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in English. He started to develop his writing skills in college. At each company he’s worked prior to starting his copywriting business and in each position he has held he has further honed these skills. He continues to do this on every copywriting project he undertakes.

Bob also has expertise in 2 areas which helps him in copywriting and marketing. He is a very good interviewer and thorough researcher.

He has been developing his interviewing skills for years. Not a day goes by where he he does not continue to refine these. One of his strengths is his ability to make people very comfortable with him very quickly. People he has just met often comment how they feel free to open up to him telling him they things they won’t tell others,

Once Bob gets to this level he goes very deep with them to find out their frustrations and concerns. When talking about a product or service, they tell him what they truly like or dislike about it — not what they think he wants to hear.

He also is a very thorough researcher.  He finds out everything he can about the product or service he’s studying. Even the smallest detail that most normally overlook does not escape his attention. Frequently he ends up knowing more about the product or service than most people at the company he is working for.

He uses what he learns during his interviews and research to start to formulate an overview of the message about the product or service. Then he uses his writing skills to craft the right message for it — the one that will have the greatest impact on those who will read it.

He develops entire Content Marketing campaigns for companies if they need them. If a company already has a Content Marketing campaign in place that is not effective Bob can review it and suggest steps to take to improve it.

Here are his areas of expertise in Content Marketing:

  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Case Studies, and
  • White Papers

In addition he also writes sales letters and video sales letters.

If Bob can help you or your company, please feel free to contact him at 630-517-0570 or email him at  For a faster response please call.




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