Dear Marketer, Business Owner or President,

Are Your Marketing Pieces Failing?


You Know . . .

They are not bringing in the leads you were told they would.

The leads coming in are not the high quality ones you expected.

Your subsequent marketing pieces fail to convert these leads into well informed leads ready to buy when your sales reps call on them.

You’re just not getting the return you anticipated on the money you’re spending.

All Too Frequently Businesses Are Not as Successful as Desired Because Their Marketing is Not Doing the Job It is Supposed to


The overall trend is . . .

. . .  Sales take too long.

. . . Not enough sales are made.

Because of this businesses never become as successful as their executives expect. Some even fail.

Prospects today are strikingly different than they were 15 to 20 years ago. Many companies have failed to realize this and adjust accordingly.

Prospects Are Bombarded With an Endless Stream of Marketing Messages and They Have Turned off to Them


Quite a few years ago they started to tune out to TV commercials. Either they did other things while a commercial was on or they muted it. With the advent of DVRs they just fast forward through them.

Along came the Internet and a very cheap marketing medium. Now the constant stream of sales emails, banner ads and other marketing methods fighting for attention is overwhelming.

On any given day an estimated 2,900 marketing messages bombard the average prospect. How have they reacted? Spam goes into spam folders. Banner ads are not paid attention to. More and more email end up being deleted unread.

How many of your messages are getting through to your ideal prospects and the companies you desire as clients?

On the other hand the Internet has been a great aspect to both prospects and companies.

Think back.

Prior to the Internet there was no easy way for a prospect or a company to find out on their own about a new product or service they might need. There was not one place they could go to get information.

The normal way they found out about a new product or service was through a sales letter, brochure or marketing piece they received. These did not contain detailed information.  The only way they got that was through a presentation by a sales rep.

Interruption Marketing


In marketing terms this was called Interruption Marketing. The sales letter, brochure or marketing piece interrupted what the recipient was doing. If it caught their attention, they wanted to find out more and contacted the company and a sales rep.

For the most part this way of finding out about a product or service is no longer true. No one has to wait for a sales letter, brochure or marketing piece for information on something new. They can get virtually all the information they need by doing a search on the internet.

Not only are they getting the information they need this way, they are also checking out companies selling the product or service. Current estimates are that mots prospects are well through the discovery process before they contact a vendor about a product or service they’re interested in. Not only do they know a lot about what the want, they also know a lot about the companies offering it.

How has your marketing department adjusted to this new well-informed prospect? Are you still primarily using Interruption Marketing? Have you started using Content Marketing?

Content Marketing


What are the results? How many new leads are you generating? How many f these are being converted into customers? Are you spending a lot with very little return?

Here is an interesting statistic from the Content Marketing Institute:

“In 2014 93 of B2B Marketers used content marketing. 42% of B2B Marketers were effective at it.”

Think about that.

58% of B2B marketers who used content marketing in 2014 used it ineffectively


What a waste! Little or no pay back for the dollars spent.

Is your company one of the 58%. If it is, it’s time to change. Content Marketing is the marketing of the future.

The companies that use it properly will succeed. Those companies will use it to build trust with prospects even prior to them knowing that these prospects are interested in what they offer.

Then they’ll make sure these prospects get useful information about the product or service they’re investigating.

Next they’ll supply them more information about why their company is the best one for the prospect to purchase from.

This is all done at the prospect’s pace. All the while these companies continue to build better relationships with the prospects.

Here’s Another Surprising Stat . . .


. . . Current estimates are that prospects are normally 60 to 90% of the way through the discovery process before they contact a vendor about a product or service they’re interested in.

That’s why your company has to be known by a prospect even before that prospect starts looking for a particular product or service they’re interested in.

Hi. My name is Bob Paroski. I am a Business to Business copywriter and marketing consultant. My objective is to help the businesses I work with generate all of the sales they know they can through their marketing efforts.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  I started to develop my writing skills in college — actually in high school.  At each company I and in each position I have held afterwards I have further honed my skills.

My expertise in two other areas help my copywriting and marketing. I am a very good interviewer and thorough researcher.

Very Good Interviewer and a Thorough Researcher


I have been developing my listening and interviewing skills for years and I continue to refine these. Many tell me I have the ability to make people comfortable with me very quickly.

I find they open up to me and tell me things they won’t tell others. When I have this level of trust with them I go very deep to find out their frustrations and concerns. When talking about a product or service they tell me what truly like and dislike about it — not what they think I want to hear.

I also am a very thorough researcher. I find out everything I can about the product or service I am studying. I dig very deeply. Even the smallest item that most normally overlook does not escape my attention. Many say I end up knowing more about the product or service than many at the company I am working for.

I use what I learn during my interviews and research to start to formulate an overview of the message about the product or service. Then I use my writing skills to craft the right message for it — one that will have the greatest impact on those who read it.

I develop entire Content Marketing campaigns for clients. If a company already has a Content Marketing campaign in place that is not effective I can suggest steps to improve it.

My areas of expertise in Content Marketing are:

  • Emails
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies, and
  • White Papers

I also write sales letters and video sales letters.

If your marketing efforts are not producing the results you want

Please call me at 630-517-0570


I will be glad to look at your present marketing efforts and suggest steps to take to generate more leads, to turn new leads into well informed leads and to get them to the point where they are ready to buy.

If you already have an effective marketing campaign in place and just want to improve the results, I can help you with what you need. It may be a white paper or an additional case study.  It may be a new email campaign or more frequent blog posts.

Isn’t It Time . . .


. . . you stopped losing sales because your marketing campaign is not doing its job? Lets correct that so you get all of the quality leads you can and turn those into the sales you dreamed are possible.

Let’s create a competitive advantage for you — one that will help you get the most sales you can expect for your product or service.

We want your messages not only to appeal yo all of your potential customers. We also want them to grab those people and companies and make them realize if they don’t buy what you offer right now they are losing out.

It’s critical we use every weapon in your arsenal to accomplish this.

If you haven’t realized it yet — when I am working for you I have a vested interest in the results you get. See — I want more of your business.

So I am looking at your business as if I am your partner. My goal the entire time I work on your project is to create the right message that will bring the greatest return.

My services are not cheap. There are other copywriters who work for far less. I can guarantee you this. You are going to find your investment in me crafting your messages will be the best you ever made.

My Guarantee


It’s really simple . . . if the work I do for you does not generate the results we expect I’ll rework it until does.

One Thing You Need to Know Upfront


We may decide not to work together.  If the match isn’t good, it’s not worth your or my time to try to work together.

I only craft messages for ethical products and services. If I don’t believe in your product or service I won’t be able to work with you.

How Do We Get Started?


Let’s get acquainted. I’d like to get to know a little about you and your business. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know me. We can see if we’re a good match to work together.

I offer a free 45 minute phone consultation.  During that conversation you can tell me you your and your company’s goals.  I can tell you more about me and the work I do. We may find I might be able to suggest some minor tweaks you can make right now in your marketing to improve the results immediately.

Feel free to email me. For faster results I suggest a call. I look forward to connecting with you.

How much longer are you going to wait? How much more money are you going to lose because of missed sales?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let’s get going.

Again you can reach me at 630-517-0570 or at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Paroski
Word Crafters Copywriting and Marketing, Inc.
919 Ashbrooke Way
Knoxville, TN 37923

P.S.  Do you really want to miss more sales because of ineffective marketing?

P.P.S. It’s time the the vision of your company to become a reality.


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